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Monday, August 3, 2015

Death of an Airman by Christopher St. John Sprigg

Published by Poison Pen in association with
British Library Crime Classic

Available August 4, 2015
Paperback  ISBN 9781464204821
ebook  ISBN 9781464204838

 About the author

My source: Netgalley

Death of an Airman is an enjoyable and unorthodox whodunit from a writer whose short life was as remarkable as that of any of his fictional creations. When an aeroplane crashes, and its pilot is killed, Edwin Marriott, the Bishop of Cootamundra in Australia, is on hand. In England on leave, the Bishop has decided to learn how to fly, but he is not convinced that the pilot’s death was accidental. In due course, naturally, he is proved right. The Bishop and Inspector Bray of Scotland Yard make an appealing pair of detectives, and ultimately a cunning criminal scheme is uncovered.

An airplane crashes with several witnesses. The pilot is dead. He has been shot and his skull crushed in from impact in the plane. Which happened first? First suicide is thought but maybe not! How was he killed flying in the air with no other planes around him? Was he shot after he was on the ground and not quite dead? A great puzzle much like a locked room mystery. I did guess who it was towards the end, but it was a good time getting there. Lots of great suspects. Silly character names like Sally Sackbut, Lady Crumbles and Lord Entourage. The flying community and life at an aerodrome was new to me and quite interesting.

The local Inspector Creighton wasn't worth a hill of beans, but when Inspector Bernard Bray from New Scotland Yard was brought in we see good detective work. Between the good work of the Bishop, Bray and Crime Reporter Archie Brown with trips to Glasgow Scotland and France the solution is brilliantly pieced together. After the villain is apprehended there is a  little surprise ending that finished the book off with a smile!

Very satisfying read.  Thanks to Poison Pen for bringing these British Library Crime Classics to the US! Hope we get more of Christopher St. John Sprigg's books!

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Peggy Ann


Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Rose is a Rose is a Virginia Rose in Maine

Lots of wildflowers in Maine. We missed the Lupines by a month. I never get there early enough in the year for the fields of wild Lupine. But I did get some seed off of some this time and will see how it does in my beds. Look here to see some images of them.

Along the shore it is covered with Virginia Rose or Rosa Virginiana. It's a beautiful wild flower. I was not aware until I started looking around for info on this lovely seaside plant that you can use the rose hips from it for tea and many other edible things. Next year I'll pick some of it too! Click on the link above to learn more about the plant.

These are the fruit or rose hips. They will turn bright red and then they are edible. Later in August probably they will be ready.

Sumac is another flowering plant that is prolific here. Gorgeous tight spires of red!

Wild Morning Glories wrap themselves around the Rose

No idea what this one is but thought it was a cool shot with the light behind it!

Caught the bee in action!

These grew along the rocky edges of the cliffs
Eastern Red Cedar aka Juniperus virginiana

something interesting here! Paul is an arborist so we are always picking his brain about trees and plants

fields of small black-eyed daisies

I didn't get a lot of different flowers as we really didn't go many places just enjoyed staying at the lake most of the time. But Maine has gorgeous wildflowers and if you are so inclined you can check out the varieties here.

I forgot to add this in on the post about Portland Head Lighthouse and thought it was an interesting subject so I'm throwing it in here...

This plaque is at the lighthouse. This submarine chaser was hit and sank by a German U-boat in 1945 just two weeks before VE-Day. There was much confusion over the reason it sank and what the Navy record showed. Did the men get their purple hearts or not?  You can read about it here.

Peggy Ann

Friday, July 31, 2015

Day Trip to Portland

We got to Portland and it was fogged in at the Lighthouse. Perfect time to see it! So much atmosphere and that beautiful fog-horn!

My beautiful family! My youngest son and his family.

Oldest light in Maine. commissioned in 1791

Annie C. Maguire shipwrecked here Christmas Eve 1886
 You can read about this interesting shipwreck here and see photos here
That glorious fog-horn

There's a cliff walk between the light and Fort William

Isa and grandpa

Me and the kids

Gorgeous rock along the coast! Some had indention's some had what looked like granite streaks and some was in thin layers. Some really looked like petrified wood. Paul and the kids climbed all over the rocks. Lots of tidal pools with cool stuff in them.

 Just after we had walked past here and on down toward the fort, someone fell and rescue crews came and had to lift him up and took him out in an ambulance. We watched the news but never heard anything so we don't know if they were hurt or killed. The ambulance did not run the siren when it left. There was a young man running and being very careless as we left the area and Stephanie felt sure it was him that fell.

Historic remains of Fort William

You can read about Fort William here

Isa at the Portland Wharf
We went to the Wharf and the Old Port shopping area too but this was the only pic I took there.

While at the Lighthouse we met a man selling his art work. He fit the bill of an old Mainer to a tee! Long white beard and hair, red skin, sailor hat. Then he opened his mouth and by gosh he was Scottish! He's been in Maine for 8 years now. His wife was from Maine and she spent 30 years there with him so he said it was only fair. I bought 3 cards from him. Two with Scotland scenes and one of Portland Head Light. He was a joy to talk to. I didn't get a pic of him, darn it, and I don't want to post one from online so if you want to learn about Kris Kristiansen and his art work you can meet him here. He and his wife Marilyn have had booths at the light selling art and crafts for several years.

As requested by Katrina, here are the links to the 3 pictures I purchased on cards
Portland Head Light Pen & Ink
Highland Cows
Eilean Donan Castle
I love his black and white pen & inks the most! He didn't have any at his stand though.

Peggy Ann

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Maine, The Way Life Should Be

 These are all pics from at the cottage on the lake.

The clouds were spectacular!

Clear clean water! this about 4 ft. deep here!

"Seriously! You call this camping?" Ian said as he walked between them! And then got on the iPad...

On duck watch.

I guess you can tell we loved this dog!

Dreaming of next summer!

Peggy Ann